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  1. 2007/October/30 [Part 2] You're a collabor-aholic (9)

[Part 2] You're a collabor-aholic

October 30th, 2007 22:49

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If you're a Web 2.0 application maker and don't provide collaborative features, you're a liar. You're just not a true Web 2.0 company. After all, isn't "Web 2.0" about social-ness and massive collaboration? Of course, WE ARE! Springnote excellently supports collaboration among users.

Springnote's greatest value obviously lies in the fact that it's an easy "jot-down-your-ideas" service. However, what's the point if you can't share it and can't work on it together with your peers?

Springnote comes with great sharing and collaborative features. For one, we made it very easy for you to invite others to the collaboration space. It fully supports OpenID. You can also invite your peers to the same document just by emailing them.

Rights management part is just as easy. Springnote can be used in private collaboration with business partners, colleagues or friends. Of course, Springnote pages can be published in public and people can enjoy viewing and reading at others' notes and pages as well.

The Web still isn't the only platform for collaboration. Springnote supports the following formats: txt, doc, html and odt for importing. Springnote pages can also be downloaded as a zip file that contains HTML files.

This way, Springnote is a perfect choice for many business partners across corporate boundaries, temporary task force teams, project-based workers, and even college students.

We help you work together with anyone "seamlessly".

That's what Springnote is capable of.